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Hair remover device

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Hair remover device

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1. Small but delicate, fully functional, simple and easy to use

2. Built-in fan, large screen display, 990,000 times digital display, intelligent detection prompt

3. Quartz tube (long service life, stable and balanced energy),

4. Automatic flashing, smooth skin after use, no pain

5. Safety: only breaks the hair follicles, does not damage the skin and sweat glands

Function: display screen, light mode selection, power switch, gear adjustment, plug-in use

Working method: electric laser

Cleaning type: no water washing

Material: ABS

Style: glass tube \ quartz tube

Hair removal part: whole body

Display mode: LCD liquid crystal display


Power: 36W

Current: 3A

Wavelength: 570NM-1100NM

Body size: 169 x 73 x 47 mm


Product size: 157*207*68.6mm

Product weight: 320g

Input: 12V

Power: 36W

Gear position: 5 gears

Prohibited people:

1. It cannot be used during pregnant women, menstrual period and breastfeeding period.

2. People with skin perception impairment cannot use it.

3. People with skin diseases such as dermatitis, eczema and allergies cannot use it.

4. Those who have been exposed to sunlight in the past 2 weeks cannot use it.

Use note:

1. Wet the hair before use, shave off the hair, and then use the instrument.

2. Skin test: Turn on the power, the default is 1 level, press the flash button, and emit a flash to see if the skin has an allergic reaction.

3. Frequency of use: Refer to the instruction manual, which contains the specific course of use.

4. After using the instrument, perform skin care, such as applying aloe vera gel, and pay attention to sun protection.

5. For other precautions, please refer to the instructions.


1. Large-area continuous flashing: long press for 3 seconds, continuous flashing immediately after contact with the skin, suitable for large and small legs.

2. Small area single flash: press and flash, targeted small part hair removal, suitable for lip hair, bikini position, etc.

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